Andrea grew up in a family of artists and spent her childhood drawing and painting with her grandmother who is a professional watercolor painter. Andrea was always involved in the arts in school and was always recognized for her artistic talents at an early age.She was always featured in her schools art shows and special events for outstanding work and creativity. 

Andrea always had a special connection to animals and uses them as her main source inspiration. She grew up with a lot of pets and started doing wildlife photography at the age of 13 when she got her first digital camera. 

Andrea used art as a means of expression and communication in her childhood as she always had a hard time expressing herself through words. She was always observing the world around her and developed a heightened awareness for details. She painted realism in her early works and loves making her subjects come alive on paper. Art was just a hobby for her and when she was young, she dreamed about becoming an artist or working with animals. 

Andrea started selling her work in college and doing commissions for friends and family. She would paint animals and landscapes of nature. She had plans to finish college and pursue a career in something but she always knew deep down that the 9-5 path was not for her. So she dropped out and took several years off to find herself. She endured many years of hardship and felt very lost in her life and felt a deep lack of purpose. But through all of it, she somehow always came back to art. Whether it was drawing or painting, she always felt like she had purpose creating and connected to source. 

In 2019, Andrea's father passed away and one of the last things her father said to her was "Andrea, I always wished you would've done something with your art." Something had ignited within her after hearing that and deep down, she knew that she had to pursue art as a full-time career. In January of 2020, Andrea attended Milan Art Institute's Mastery Program. She pursued a year long extensive program that taught her all the skills she needed to become an artist.

" I always felt like I never had a voice growing up. I was always very reserved and shy. But creating art gave me a voice. In an impactful and profound way, without having to use words. " - Andrea Tramutolo

Through many years of experimentation, Andrea's style has evolved into a unique combination of abstraction and realism, using mostly animals as subject matter in her art. She integrates deep symbolism and the desire to communicate a story of significance through her pieces.

Andrea is inspired by the beauty of mother nature and often uses animals to spark emotions. The essence of her art works is to remind people of the power and beauty that lives within them and that anything is possible. Andrea often uses her own wildlife photography in her art pieces and takes pictures of eagles, birds and whales in her hometown of Long Island, New York. Andrea is now living as a full-time professional artist in her hometown of Long Island, New York and is planning to relocate to Florida.